Why Political Correctness is Ruining America

Political Correctness is truly ruining our Country!

Large corporations are so PC that they no longer care about true American Traditions and Holidays. These festivities and social unities are what this great country’s foundation is built upon.

These large companies are afraid to offend non-religious, non-patriotic, and non-citizen people of the United States of America.

What about the True Americans?  The people whose homes wave the American flag. The people who take time off to truly appreciate the meaning of a National Holiday?  What about the feelings of those who bleed Red, White, & Blue? !

Are we worried about hurting people’s feelings?  Or are we true Americans losing our patriotism? What the hell is happening to this once truly great country?

Again, the Press is the one who takes the side of everyone who dislikes the colors on our American Flag.

This is the great United States of America…..DO NOT RUIN WHAT WE LOVE… Love it or make it better!! We will celebrate our holidays with national pride BUT we will respect the holidays you choose to celebrate as well!!