What did you really learn in four years in college?

“Most Kids should NOT go to College”

This is an alarming comment to make. Is it true? YES. Here is my take on why College age kids need to take another path to finding a better paying job or career.  

I talk to and play Golf with CEO’s and business owners every week. I consult and train business owners on how do a better job of solving problems in their business. They share their concerns about new hires, employee issues and why college grads are not productive.

Here is what they say about College Grads. Kids out of college don’t get it. They do NOT understand what it takes to make a profit. They do NOT understand or have not studied the industries in which they are applying for. They have NO idea on how to help us make a profit. They do NOT know how to think for themselves. I hear this all the time. These kids cannot think on their own to solve problems for business owners. These CEO’s tell me that they have to invest two to three years to train these college grads on how to be productive and make a profit. 

The business owners and CEO’s tell me that these College Grads have no interview skills and are weak in expressing themselves. I hear all the time about how low their energy levels are so low that they turn off our HR department during the interview process. 

I know I am generalizing, BUT this is what I hear in the real world. These are the issues that affect business owners. The real world in business is a very tough, and competitive environment. The college kids have been too pampered. The teachers have no clue themselves on what it takes. Teachers live in an academic bubble. Teachers need to be re-taught about the real world too.

Our educational system is still teaching kids like they did 60 years ago. The curriculum is stale and outdated. 

I believe kids are better off at 18 to get a job in the real world of trying to make a buck and growing a company. I thinks these kids need to find a mentor in a field they might enjoy working in and learning a trade and learning what it takes to make a profit.

More to come!