The Press is Hurting America

The Press is supposed to be the referee in our lives. America’s Press should NOT be taking sides. The Founding Fathers had it right… It was the three branches of government and the Press who was established as the overseer of truth in life and politics. The Press was supposed to tell the truth and find the truth. The Press was a neutral third party keeping us alert to all that might harm us.

What the hell happened? The moderators of the CNBC GOP debate were unbelievable and showed us all where America’s Press stands today. The Press has chosen the Left and the Progressive movement in this country to advance their own agendas.

We the people have let this happen… The Press knows the apathy of the public and knows it can get away with almost anything. Ask a college student if they really care about the constitution or the politics of this country…

The Press is the reason why President Obama is currently in office and that scares me, because who will the Press put in office next?

The Media in the United States of America has lost respect for its people and vice versa. The public is wandering around with false information and most could not care any less about our political system. This is very dangerous for the future of our country. Who will keep us informed going forward if the Press is slowly moving away from its Number 1 priority and responsibility of delivering the unbiased truth?