The Dumbing Down of America

We still teach most kids the same we did 50 years ago. The Curriculum is NOT working because College grads are NOT getting the jobs they want… they are NOT qualified because their soft skills are lacking big time.

These may be some broad generalizations but there is a lot of truth to it. If you have money you can buy a better education, but most of us have to figure it out on our own. The rising college tuition cost is very expensive and the loans that these college kids take out, require almost a life time to pay back. Why? Because College Graduates do not make enough money in the first 10 years to pay off the money they took out to take college classes. Plus all the BIG promises about earning more than the less educated appear to be overstated.

The real work experience required to live in the world and the dumbing down of the current curriculum are not working in today’s modern society. We need a NEW learning model to compete in the world economy. Knowledge is the key to earning power and the right knowledge is the key to making a lot of money.