No Shoes, No Shirt No Service and NO?

Why should any government tell me what customers I will serve and not serve.
I own my own business and I want to determine what customers I well serve, wait on or sell to.

As a small business owner, I take all the risk in business. I get NO help from any government or government agency.
I even get NO help from my Bank. I have NO safety net. I invest my own money and take all the risk of the market place.

What right does the government have to tell me which, who and what type of customer I can serve, wait on or sell too.

Political correctness has now gone too far. If I want to refuse service to anyone this is my right. Where is my free speech?
I am NOT a public company or use investors finds or public money. It is my call on who I will do business with.

It is still America…..right?