Is there a better way to learn…than sitting in class all day?

To play sports you have to experience the activity and actually play. In learning I believe you have to get involved in the activity itself. Teachers should create a lab environment for their subjects taught. There are so many different ways to learn today. lets try some NEW approaches and see if we can graduate more kids who can be productive in their lives.

Get out of the classroom. Find a Mentor who is a true expert in their field and work with the Mentor for a week. Get real life training and real life examples of how this subject works in the real.

We all learn in so many different ways. I believe our educational system is broken and out of touch with todays kids. There must be a reason why home school is growing. Waiting list for charter schools. Tudor companies are springing up everywhere.

The challenge? Money. If the parents have money?….then all these options are there.

SO….why do we still have growing communities of the poor and a higher drop out rates of the poor?

Yes…it is about the money and who gets it and how it is spent. the BIGGER question?…who cares.

I believe large corporations who take and take have some responsibility to give back to education. more to come.