Is it possible our leaders are sick?

In the United States of America we have the homeless, the poor, and those who cannot take care of themselves.

How do our leaders think that bringing thousands of Syrian refugees into the States could be any benefit to our country. It will create homeland security,  economic,  and safety issues. When will we take care of our own people first? When?

How can our leaders put us in this position when we cannot even take care of our own helpless, homeless and the poor. These Americans currently struggling in the streets of our cities need our help in so many ways. Our social infrastructure is at a breaking point now. Go to any emergency room and see how long your wait is to see a doctor. Our leaders seem to care less about what we as citizens want. So what is one to think?  Are the leaders sick?  What else could one think?  How could our leaders be so brain dead?  such lack of caring for us and our issues?

We are creating financial hardships for the cities and states that are going to house the Syrian Refugees. Our Governors know best for their states and they are NOT in favor of these Syrian refugees coming to America.

I believe that our leaders are sick and tired of listening to the public. For their own personal agenda and reasons that know sane person can understand, the leaders want to bring these Syrian refugees to our country. The Refugees cannot be really vetted because there is NO resume attached to their person. Who will vet them? and how? All we ever get is total BS and jabber talk. The public knows better.

If our leaders need any proof of how the public feels, have them check out social media outlets because that is where the real people live.