I Can’t Look

I Can’t look when I go drive by a car accident. A minute down the road…….I am about my own business.

These horrible crimes against the innocent must be stopped. Caring more about our fellow citizens is a good place to start
The question is what do we do and how to care more? We are a country full of Apathy…..full of people that just drive by the accident on the road of life…….and go about their business…..hoping someone else will solve these horrific problems we see in our country now. We have a Country that is in need of attention…..attention of our loving Citizens

You better start looking……the powers to be should release the pictures of the accidents and horrible crimes. Maybe it would disgust enough people that caring for our fellow citizens will be part of our daily lives. We need to open our eyes about what is going on in this country. There are people who hate us.

People from other countries that believe in their own God. They Hate our God. People who follow their own laws……hate our laws. People from other countries hate our way of life…….so they want us to live in fear. The Solution?

Weed the garden and get our borders to be real borders again. We better start to look and listen and pay attention to our surroundings. We need to help each other and put political correctness on the shelf. Our GREAT Country…..The United States of America is under attack by people who hate us. Take a look and don’t just drive by.