Cows, Cars and Gas… Political Gas

Who is afraid of Global Warming? NOT the Terrorist. But we might want to learn what Global Warming means and why the Political class keeps bring it up. Bad weather kills more people than any terrorist ever has. Global Warming might be used as a weapon by the terrorist sometime in the future.

So what is the issue? and why should we be concerned? If the Oceans do rise, it will wipe out Countries and populations, NO water and we are all screwed. The real problem is GAS… Political Gas.

Politicians are so stupid as The Donald continues to say. The World Leaders, Countries and Politicians should be working with the so called experts on Saving Water, New technology for growing crops and using their power for good.

The Politicians are always pre-occupied with their own needs. The real GAS is inside our Political leaders. Until we the public gets involve with our communities and the apathy of caring by most people improves… WE may be in BIG trouble in the future. The Future is the problem, because 97% of the public does not care about GAS… Political or other wise.